Effects of media and plant growth regulators on micropropagation of a dwarfing cherry rootstock (PHL-A)

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Abstract. PHL-A is a hybrid of Prunus avium × Prunus cerasus. Growth reduction reaches 70 percent for this rootstock, in comparison with seedling cherry rootstocks, resulting in higher harvest with lower production costs. In this research, the effects of different culture media and plant growth regulators in micropropagation of this rootstock were investigated. Shoot tips and axillary buds, derived from greenhouse-grown one-year-old trees, were used as explants and established in vitro. In proliferation stage, multiplication rate of about 5.37 was achieved over a 4 week period using MS medium with 0.5 mg l-1 benzyladenine. Rooting of shoots, with up to 100 percent efficiency, were also obtained within four weeks on DKW medium without growth regulators in vitro. Application of double-phase medium instead of agar-gelled medium resulted in better control of hyperhydricity. In the acclimatization stage, rooted plantlets were transferred to peatmoss: cocopeat: perlite mixture (2:2:1 v/v/v) that were fertilized with inorganic salts. Acclimatization was affected directly by rooting treatment and leaf development.

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