Effect of media culture and plant growth regulators on propagation and rooting of a semi-dwarfing cherry rootstock

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4th international symposium on Acclimatization & Establishment of Micropropagated plants. 8th - 12th december 2008 Bangalor

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In vitro culture establishment, shoot proliferation and rooting responses of semi- dwarfing cherry rootstock SL 64 (Prunus mahaleb L.) were examined using various media and growth regulators. Shoot tips and axillary buds derived from greenhouse-grown 1-year-old trees were used as explants and successfully established in vitro. Multiplication rate of ca, 5.93 was achieved over a four-week period using DKW medium with 0.5mg/l benzyladenine, High rooting responses were also occurred within four weeks on DKW medium without growth regulators. Maximum rooting efficiency of up to 100 percent was also obtained. However, using MS medium (containing Img/l IBA) and modified QL medium (containing 3/2 MS microelements, 0.15 mg/l thiamin, 1 mg/ glycine and no growth regulators) rooting responses was 81 percent, Moreover, the latter medium resulted in low proliferation (ca. 3.6), increased significantly quality of additional rooting. improved growth and leaf extension and provided better acclimatization. Rooted plantlets were transferred to mixture of peat moss and coco peat (1:1 v/v) that was fertilized with inorganic salts. Acclimatization was dependent on rooting conditions. Thus, survival was best when transferred plantlets had a high quality of rooting.

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