Effects of Energy and Protein Levels of Maternal Diets at Late Gestation on Growth, Health and Performance of Goat Kids

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A study was conducted to evaluate the effects of energy and protein levels of maternal diets on growth, some blood parameters, health, and performance of baby goat kids at first month of life. On 95 d after suc-cessful mating, 28 synchronized singleton pregnant Sistani goats were randomly allocated to four treat-ments including 1) low protein and low energy (LPLE), 2) high protein and low energy (HPLE), 3) low protein and high energy (LPHE), and 4) high protein and high energy (HPHE) diets. In all treatments, body weight (BW) reduced at 1d and 28 d after party. The birth BW of kids was similar between the four groups but LPLE, LPHE and HPHE had numerically lower birth weight. The kids from nanny goats fed on high protein diets had greater BW and average daily gain (ADG) than those of others on days 7, 14, 21, 28. Plasma triglyceride and total protein were significantly high in HPHE and glucose concentrations were in-creased in HPLE. Milk production increased in response to prepartum crude protein (CP). The results show that maternal nutrition had a positive effect on weight and biometric traits of kids

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